Assessment Hour

The quickest and most effective route to improving your golf. It allows us to fully assess the component parts of the game and put together a plan of action that will move your golf forwards quickly and efficiently. During the process we will encourage you to think differently about this complex game and thoroughly assess where your strengths and weaknesses lie. As a result of going through the assessment process you and your coach can then put together an informed plan that will allow you to achieve the goals set out.

Whether you are an aspiring tour professional or have just a few months experience your Bird Hills Academy coach will be happy to arrange the assessment and begin your journey to better golf.



One Hour Coaching Session

This is our most popular option for a good reason. Your coach needs time to implement any changes discussed, to make sure that you are comfortable with those changes and happy to take on board the work needed between sessions. It's important to understand that an hour doesn't mean you will be overloaded with information but that the instruction is clearly defined and the changes well under way before you leave.
Creating a relationship with our students is paramount. As coaches with a wealth of experience we understand that finding enough time to make changes is not always easy. As such, our coaching programmes will be catered to you as an individual making sure that the time and financial commitment is appropriate.


£60 - £68 per hour

Half Hour Coaching Session

Maybe you just need a little polish on that swing or possibly a quick short game tip before a big game. Sometimes a little course management advice or a change of mind set can be achieved during a short session with your coach.