Without doubt access to launch monitor data has changed coaching, allowing a quicker and more accurate diagnosis when you see your coach. At our Academy we felt that 'Foresight Sports' offered the best, most accurate monitors available in the World today. They use 10,000 frames per second cameras that lock on to the dimples of the ball as well as the club head to give unprecedented levels of information about your golf ball flight and the club head conditions that shape the shot.

As an Academy we want your coaching experience to be second to none so any time you wish to use the launch monitor during a session please let us know and we will set it up for you at no extra cost over a regular coaching hour. For us it's all about added value and the best possible learning environment.

Another huge benefit of using a launch monitor is finding out how far you hit the ball through the air. A 'Club Gapping' session will allow us to ascertain exactly how far your shots go which in turn means that when you're playing you can choose a club with confidence and commit to the shot.

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